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Disagreement is Rearing its Ugly Head

I am sorry, Mr. Reggie, but I feel like Flip Florentine is doing a fine job doing whatever it is he does. Even if it does only throwing cheese snacks at the ceiling, who else does it with such incredible grace, and talent? I think that a webcam would only greatly enhance Flip's on the job preformance. I think Fukking Annoying would be made a million and seventeen times greater if Flip Florentine was better appriciated. I am the voice of the common folk of America talking, the people who support your company. You would do well to listen to my voice.

Cindy de la Capulet

Reggie replies: We have videos of Flip doing his cheese doodle thing on Betamax and Laserdisc. The Laserdisc contains special Director's Cut. If the common folk of America order now, they will receive as a bonus at no extra charge a magazine that Flip has taken into the bathroom with him!

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