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Are We There Yet?

a letter from Reggie Sabatini, VP A&R and Sandwiches

A year ago -- it feels like last century -- I came to the realization that after 45 years in the music industry, the only talents that were able to hold my attention were those that were inordinately annoying. There was plenty of bad music around. There was plenty of good music around. There was plenty of weird music around, too... and only the most backwards-rubbing conceptually offensive of them even stayed in my tape player longer than it takes to say "next".

So now, through the wonders of the Internet (I hear some of you may be reading this on a "browser"), I can bring my particular vision of the future of music to a deservedly tiny and avant-garde audience. With Stephen Hawkins' Voicebox remix by Sasha ripping through dance floors like a bolt of techno lightning, and the success of Fancy Robot Penis' "Nucleus 14f" inclusion on the soundtrack for "There's Something About Mary," it's clear that we're headed for big things. Perhaps our original cadre of supporters better start getting snobby and pretentious about "being there" at the "start".

I think it's going to be a Fucking Annoying year.

Reggie Sabatini

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