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Flip Florentine

an open letter to Flip Florentine, VP Quality Control

Dear Flip--

Get off your ass. We all appreciate your fine ideas, even if they happen to come within seconds of Reggie having them first, but it's time to stop being annoying to just us here at the office and begin spreading the annoyance to the population at large. We're all working mighty diligently here to spread the irritation, like a puddle racing out of a dropped bedpan, and your twirling in your office chair trying to get cheese doodles to stick to the suspended ceiling tiles via static electricity gathered from your nappy head is irritating to only those who can witness.

No, a web camera is not in the budget.


Reggie Sabatini
VP A&R + Sandwiches

Attention Consumers of our Rot: If you too feel Flip Florentine should get off his ass and commence the dirty work for "his" Tribute to Cleopatra Records compilation, email flipflorentine@fukkingannoying.com today.

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