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This Are Gibbercore!

Talk about timing! All these years there's been an unrecognized genre with GLOBAL potential, and nobody's laid claim to it. We here at Fukking Annoying know a Golden Opportunity when we see one (such as "The Nuprins"), so we're forging ahead and defining things right now with the definitive compilation.

Put simply, we've noticed that there's an awful lot of music out there where the vocalist rattles off a bunch of syllables. Sometimes parts of it sound a lot like English, but most of the time it's completely incomprehensible. Over the last two months or so, we've come to classify all of this great stuff as "Gibbercore."

Gibbercore has no one defining sound, and in fact it seems to come from all around the world, with each "country" having its own "sound." What unites these bands and their music is a desire to escape the bounds of language and babble on and on like a snake handler on crank. It's pretty musical stuff!

We're sure that This Are Gibbercore! will be the first volume in a promising long series. You wouldn't believe the amount of Gibbercore out there, and a lot of it is quite good.

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