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From the Land of Strife

Hello Mr. Fucking, and his little friend Flipper:

I am so very happiness at being named MidEastern senator for your fine country. I hope I can not let you down. To this end, I have several ideas to, as you say, run up flagpole to see if it sticks. They are

I have found several hundred young children with cleft palattes to sing the song from "Annie"- "The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow", which is fucking annoying enough without the several minutes of spitting and weeping that a lip defector adds to the event.

L. Ron Hubbard and Susan Powers: "Doin' that Disco Thing". Remixed by Front 242, Ministry and Grover from Sesame Street, this record is a series of motivational speeches set to a raga beat. DVD soon come.

4 record set: "I'm almost finished tuning" by ernest young "Jewel-like" folk singer with large breasts. Recorded live at "hoot night", this 18 year old named Mauve almost performs a song. Captivating.

Well, as we said to dad as he boarded Flight 707, "welcome aboard!

Allah Toejam
VP of Jihad Activities and Overall Queasiness

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