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Audio Laxative

Audio Laxative founding member Greeny Hepple got his inspiration from the same place as a lot of Silicon Valley startups: the toilet. Finding that the resonating boom of the gas burn-off from the refinery across the track increased the activity of his bowels, sometimes to the beat of the bathroom boombox, Hepple decided to follow this interesting combination of music and bowel disruption to its logical conclusion.

Enrolling at DeVry Institute, Hepple quickly gained a career in Drafting, which gave him plenty of cash to fund his attic explorations in the field of psychosubsonics. Tailoring his compositional style to be similar to classical composers like Beethoven and Schubert, Hepple's musical masterpieces are as majestic as nauseating.

The release of Hepple's second symphony, "AudioLax II," marks not only a pinnacle of creativity, but also of technological prowess. To fully record the subsonics heavily present through the performance, a gigantic microphone, ten feet long, had to be constructed. Today's Analog/Digital converters can't fit this many bits into conventional CD technology given the tremendous rate at which they're ejected, so we at Fucking Annoying employed the use of Analog Technology. By using a titanium master and pressing only on vinyl recycled from pre-WWII DEUTSCHE GRAMOPHONE releases, and providing luxurious packaging that includes a top-of-the-line Shutz + Pepper SL32-400 phonograph player, we insure that you'll be able to appreciate the least nuance of the quiet passage in the third ("Bowel") movement.

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